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Year in review

Highlights of 2015

Highlights of 2015

Jury duty
Lovie in London
Award season
New Delhi
Pocket Dog
My name is Joakim Norman. I am a creative director, designer and happy surfer of the internet. These are some of the highlights of 2015.
My name is Joakim Norman. I am a creative director, designer and happy surfer of the internet. This is what I’ve been up to lately.
Hell froze over:
Finishing molamil.com

When you build websites for a living you’d  think making one for yourself would be a breeze. That was not the case. It took about a year of on and off work, but finally Molamil.com went live. It recieved some kudos from the design community as it was released.

Some internet kudos:

Awwwards SOTD
7th most popular site on Designernews
CSS Design Awards STOD

The honorable Judge Norman taking his seat in the juries of Webby & Lovie awards
Creating an awesome radio app with Radio24syv

We built a radio app that wasn't just beautiful and sleek, but also accessible and functional – down to the point of being able to be navigated by blind users.

Flying to London to pick up a Lovie and some fish ‘n chips

Our app Pass It On won a bunch of awards in 2015 and I was extremely happy to recieve a golden one in London.

18 nominations and 6 trophies in the danish award shows

Say what you want about awards, but they’re damn hard to win. And when your agency gets six of them you deserve to come in a little bit later the next day.

Building an awesome poster machine for Kulturnatten

Together with Cinemateket we built a digital installation where you could input your own face into famous danish movie posters and have it printed on site. Despite some bad force majeuere we pulled through and had it up and running well before the doors opened. That is about twenty minutes before...

Star struck: Selfies with Grumpy Cat at SXSW and Stefan Sagmeister at OFFF

I stood in line for two hours to meet Grumpy Cat and I’d do it again. I fucking love SXSW. Sagmeister was a little bit more enthusiastic and than Grumpy Cat. Yet not quite as cool.

Globetrotter: Working in New Delhi and London

Working with international clients gave me an opportunity to travel a little bit for work. It's good to get out of Nørrebro once in a while.

Talking about my biggest failures at Hyper Island

I really love teaching and connecting with students and have visited Hyper Island quite a few times now. As an added bonus I sometimes get to take a few of them with me back to Molamil.

Aiding the danes in their quest for grill perfection

One of the most fun projects ni 2015 was Grillfaktor for SuperBrugsen. It was also fun afterwards as it won a bunch of awards for both creativity and effectiveness.

That’s all folk!

My name is Joakim Norman. I’m a designer and creative director for digital agency Molamil. I believe in transparency, communication and collaboration. I lecture and faciliatate creative process.

I can be easily reached via e-mail, LinkedIn, or Twitter. You can get a hold of Molamil via molamil.com